A millage based Property Tax is levied against real estate in Unity Township to help fund schools, county and township services. Real Estate Taxes will only be forwarded to a mortgage company if that company requests (in writing) the tax bills on a yearly basis. All other bills are mailed to the address in the tax duplicate as required by law.

Taxing Authority Bills Mailed Rate
Westmoreland County March 1 20.99 mills
Unity Township March 1 3.2 mills
Greater Latrobe School District August 1 78 mills

Above millage rates subject to annual change.


Discount, Face, & Penalty Periods


Mailed March 1

  • 2% discount until April 30
  • Face until June 30
  • 10% Penalty added July 1
  • Turned over to Westmoreland County Tax Claim Office for collection after December 31


Mailed August 1

  • 2% Discount until September 30
  • Face until November 30
  • 10% Penalty added December 1
  • Turned over to Westmoreland County Tax Claim Office for collection after December 31

Assessment of Property

Assessment of Property is done by the Westmoreland County Board of Assessments at the rate of approximately 21.1% of market value (common level ratio/2004). For example, a house valued at $100,000 would be assessed at about $21,000. Real Estate Taxes are computed by multiplying the mills assessed by the property’s assessed value. This example is used to obtain a rough estimate of assessments and taxes due. For specific information, contact the Westmoreland County Real Estate Tax Office (724-830-3405).

Taxpayers who feel that their assessed valuation is too high are entitled to file an appeal. Appeal forms are available at the County Assessment Office in the Courthouse (724-830-3405). These forms must be filed before September 1st to take effect for the year following the filing of the appeal. If your property has been assessed for the first time, or reassessed, you MUST FILE AN APPEAL WITHIN 30 DAYS OF NOTICE OF ASSESSMENT.

For exoneration of taxes from structures which have been razed or destroyed you must contact the Assessment Office immediately (724-830-3405).

Street Light Assessments

This assessment is used to pay the expense for lighting of property in proportion to the number of feet the property fronts on the street or highway or portion thereof to be lighted. The amount of assessment for an occupied lot is 28 cents per front foot, while an unoccupied lot is assessed at 7 cents per front foot. Street Light assessments are billed once a year. Some developments in the township pay a flat fee per lot for street light assessment, instead of the front footage calculation.