Burning of Leaves

Ribbon Cutting

It has been the long-standing policy of Unity Township to prohibit the burning of leaves on any property in the Township. Because of the smoke that is generated during the burning process and the probability of burning leaves being carried off the property on breezy or windy days, the danger for fire extension beyond your intended limits cannot be ignored. The burning of yard waste (remnants of gardens or flower beds) is permitted, provided you do not burn these materials within 50 feet of any structure or within 25 feet of any property line. These distances include your own property and buildings as well. Additionally, fires must be continually attended, and you must have an adequate water supply or equal amount of extinguishment agent to immediately extinguish the fire should it be necessary. This policy and related rules are in place for the protection of your property as well as the neighboring properties.

The Township provides an area for you to dispose of leaves in a safe manner. The area is located at the Unity Township Municipal Building located at 154 Beatty County Rd. Please follow the signs to the dump site. Please do not dispose of anything other than leaves in this area.

No Burning Leaves Flyer