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Unity Township

Unity Township

154  Beatty County Road
Latrobe, PA  15650

Office Hours

8:00 AM to 4:00 PM - Mondays thru Fridays

Phone / Fax

FAX: 724-539-7088

About Unity Township

The Unity Township Municipal Building is centrally located within the township along Beatty-County Road just off of Route 30.

The Township was formally incorporated on September 23, 1789 with initial records of settlement going back to 1760. Unity Township was formed from Mt. Pleasant Township, one of Westmoreland's original municipalities.

Today, Unity Township is a Second Class Township with an area of 69 sq. miles, a population of 22,607 and maintains approximately 140 miles of roads. Duties and responsibilities of the road crew include paving, winter maintenance, ditch cleaning, removal of fallen trees along with many other tasks.

Zoning was instituted in Unity Township on September 25, 1991. Building permits along with on-lot septic permit applications and recycling information can be obtained through the Code office.


Michael J. O'Barto Chairman Ext. 13
John F. Mylant Vice-Chairman Ext. 15
Thomas S. Ulishney Supervisor Ext. 14

Municipal Officials and Employees

Township Office
Wanda Yokopenic Receptionist/Clerical Ext. 10
Harry Hosack Residential Building Inspector, Zoning/Ordinance Officer Ext. 16
Lorrie Shepler Zoning/Planning Secretary Ext. 17
Anita Ulishney Township Secretary/Open Records Officer Ext. 18
Pete Tenerowicz Emergency Management Coordinator Ext. 22
Sharon Sweeney Building Office Secretary Ext. 23
Merle Musick Building Code Official Ext. 24
Julieanne Zoppetti Township Treasurer Ext. 27
Municipal Authority
Lori Rodkey UTMA Office Manager 724-423-6888
UTMA Operations Manager
Mike Henry UTMA Operations Manager 724-423-6888
Township Officials
Mark J. Burkardt Tax Collector 724-539-8766
Gibson-Thomas Engineer 724-539-8562
Gary Falatovich Solicitor 724-834-7080


Information on the Unity Township website is provided as a service to the community.
While every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the information, official documentation is available at the Township offices.